April 2020

Variante Espiritual –The Spiritual Route

3rd April 2020 – 9th April 2020

This Camino will be over Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We ‘ll start off in the artistic town of Vila Nova de Cerveira in Portugal.

Although we start in Portugal, most of the Camino will be walked in Spain following the Portuguese Camino de Santiago route and the Spiritual route.

It will include a boat ride from Vilanova da Arousa, a day trip to Fisterre and a full day in Santiago for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

Number of days – 10 days

Number of nights – 11days

Number of Km – 135km

Date of departure from Vila Nova de Cerviera will be on the 3rd April 2020 and we will arrive in Santiago de Compostela on the 9th April 2020 (Easter Sunday).

Limited to a maximum of 9 people