Walking, Music, Meditation and Food on the Camino de Santiago

An Authentic Cultural Experience

The Camino de Santiago remains without a doubt the oldest, busiest and most celebrated route.  The French Way was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  This route is the most popular and has a greater historical tradition.  This path unites Europe with the north of Spain through churches, bridges, cathedrals, convents and monasteries.  On this unique Camino you will travel the last hundred kilometers of the French road to Santiago de Compostela through the region of Galicia from Sarria to Santiago.  This Camino will awaken your senses as we walk amongst green meadows, we offer meditation and yoga in tranquil gardens, we discover the music, cook tantalising traditional meals and sample the local cheese and wines – all of this as we walk to the wonderful city of Santiago de Compostela.

Day 1   Sarria
Welcome Day

Late afternoon on the day of arrival we welcome you at your hotel with a welcome cocktail to allow you to familiarise yourself with other pilgrims and to introduce your Camino guide who will accompany you for the last 116km of the The Camino de Santiago, from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in 6 days.  There will be a  brief explanation of the stages and experiences offered, as local culture, music, gastronomy, nature, and heritage.
Afterwards, dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 2  Sarria – Portomarín. 22km
First walking day and meditation.

You will walk on rural roads or “corredoiras” under oak groves and small villages such as Lavandeira or Ferreiros. At the gates of Portomarín, you cross the river Miño, where waters of the old Portomarín rest. You visit the Romanesque church of San Nicolás de Portomarín, rebuilt stone by stone in its current location when the Belesar reservoir flooded the original Portomarín.
At the end of your first day of hard walking we will relax with a session of yoga – stretching, breathing and meditation, where you will begin to live in the moment, surrounded by nature, friends and good vibrations.

Day 3  Portomarín – Palas de Rei. 24km
Second walking day and classical music.

The 3rd day you will walk to Castromaior, passing Sierra de Ligonde and  descending gradually through the villages of Eirexe and Ligonde to the village of Palas de Rei. In Palas de Reis you will have the opportunity to visit the Castle of Pambre.
In the afternoon you will enjoy a private and personal concert of classical music.  These amazingly talented local musicians will entertain you with both Spanish and Galician musical works from medieval times to romanticism.
A total delight of the senses.

Day 4  Palas de Rei – Melide. 15km
Third walking day and Folk experience.

The path from Palas de Reis continues through the leafy forests and open to the surprise of its monuments – such as the Castle of Pambre also known as the historic  center of Melide. We are in the region of A Ulloa, immortalized by the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán   in her famous novel Los Pazos de Ulloa (1886).
After lunch we will immerse ourselves in the riches local culture. We will explore the traditional Galician music. What better way to get to know local music than by practicing it yourself. We will learn the local rhythms with percussion instruments, we will dance and sing as if we were true natives.

Day 5  Melide – Arzúa. 15km
Fourth walking day and wine tasting.

After Melide, the road passes through Boente and Castañeda to arrive later at Arzúa, it is also well known for its cheese.  Arzúa is one of the Galician municipalities with more cows per capita than any other in Galicia.
Galicia produces wines of very high quality. This afternoon you will be invited to wine and cheese tasting where you will indulge yourself in local cheese and wine of the region by a local host.

Day 6  Arzúa – Rúa. 19km
Fifth walking day and cooking class.

As we walk among the green hills on the 6th day you will be inspired with incredible views as you travel into the town of Rúa. Here you will find hermitages like Santa Irene.
At this stage you are nearing the end of the Camino to Santiago and you cannot miss the opportunity to try your skills at the traditional cuisine. Food in Galicia is an institution, here you will use only the freshest local products to cook up very healthy and delicious dishes. Ingredients with only the best of fresh produce, fish, meat, cheese and excellent wine will be used. This afternoon you will indulge yourself in a very special day learning to cook typical dishes, and, of  course, enjoying your very own cooked meal, served with local wines

Day 7  Rúa – Santiago. 21km
Arriving in Santiago

Last walking day and reaching Santiago.
After passing behind Pedrouzo you will go up through Amenal and descend to Lavacolla. Your last climb until you reach Monte do Gozo. From here you will have the first sighting of the Cathedral Towers. Only 4 km separate you from the city. You will cross the Barrio de San Lázaro,  cross the Porta do Camiño or Puerta del Camino, you will leave behind the Plaza Cervantes and through the beautiful streets of the old town of Compostela you will reach the Cathedral of Santiago.
Free afternoon to relax

Day 8  Santiago
A day in Santiago

You are in Santiago and it is time to explore this incredibly beautiful city where thousands of pilgrims arrive from all over the world.
After a magical tour you will visit the local food market to eat some of the best delicacies of the Galician rías and lands; barnacles, octopus, spider crab, sea bass, Galician veal accompanied by delicious local wines.
Free afternoon

Day 9  Santiago de Compostela

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